Our history

Research starts at UPC

Research starts at Micro & Nanotechnology Group of Polytechnic University of Catalonia. Thanks to different national and international granted projects, lead by Professors Ramón Alcubilla and Angel Rodríguez and different researchers such as Trifon Todorov, macroporous silicon is developed at UPC clean room.

PhD Thesis start

Mapsi Photonics SL entrepreneurs, David Cardador Maza & Daniel Segura Garcia start their respective thesis in macroporous silicon photonics for mid infrared selection.

First mid-IR filter prototype


After some years of research the first high selectivity prototype of mid infrared filter is obtained

Mapsi Photonics draft & IP Protection

After the first mid-infrared filter prototype, David and Dani began sketching Mapsi Photonics. Following the decision to bring the technology to market, efforts were made to protect it. Two patents emerged from it in 2019 and 2020, which are now exclusively exploited by Mapsi Photonics. 2018 is where it all started to become reality. Mapsi Photonics entrepreneurs started working full time to bring the technology into the market.

AGAUR Seed grant


Things speed up, with the help of an Ajut Llavor (from AGAUR-Generalitat de Catalunya) and under the direction of Prof. Jordi Llorca, Mapsi Photonics studied the market. With this projects filters evolved into a new stage following the demands of the potential customers.

Building a company

Nobody said building a company is easy. Mapsi Photonics is selected to take part in two incubator programs: Pre-acceleration program (from Barcelona Activa) and Barcelona Tech Transfer Group (from IESE Business School). These programs provided Mapsi Photonics with a solid business foundation on which to build a successful company.

June 18th, 2021
Mapsi Photonics SL becomes a reality

After a more than three year process, Mapsi Photonics SL becomes a reallity the June 18th, 2021.

November 2021
Seed founding round

Mapsi Photonics has closed the seed funding round with 240 k€ in private capital and 150 k€ of public funding. 

Mapsi Photonics headquarters move to Cornellà de Llobregat and the team grows with new incorporations. Let's go!