MWIR-LWIR Thermal emitters

Mid and Long-wavelength infrared emitters are restricted to three options: lasers, black body emitters and LEDs. Laser emitters are highly monochromatic, however they are expensive and unaffordable for compact and common usage. On the contrary, black bodies are cost-effective solutions but they emit in all frequencies, following Planck’s Law, when they are heated. That is, they are not selective at all. A little bit more selective are mid infrared LEDs, whose emission window are around 1.5-2 microns broad. However, their emission is restricted to wavelengths below 5.5 microns. In both cases, LEDs and black bodies emitters, the emission is too wide to point to specific wavelengths (i.e. for detecting a gas or any other type of molecule) and it is mandatory to use additional filters.

But… what if we could emit at a narrow window with robust and cheap components? This is the aim of Mapsi: provide our customers selective and powerfull emission in all the MWIR-LWIR range with an economical product which, in addition, its price is independent on the wavelength the custumer is addressing at.