Mapsi Photonics is a spin-off of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya born in June 2021. We address the infrared sensing market, specifically gas detection, thermal vision and biodetection, which requires reliable, durable, accurate and easy user-friendly detection in both common and harsh environments. Our disruptive technology improves the optical performance of the current technology, as well as the cost reduction of the devices. It also presents uniqu properties to advance in the infrared detection market, such as the miniaturization of gas detection or the improvement of sensitivity in biodetection.

David Cardador Maza

Physicist, PhD in Electronics Engineering, Post Graduate in Tech Transfer, Reincident Entrepreneur, Mapsi Photonics Co-founder

Daniel Segura Garcia

PhD in Electronics Engineering, Mapsi Photonics Co-founder

Ioannis Deriziotis
R&D Engineer

Computer and Electronics Engineer with experience in nanotechnology